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Wildlifers television series featuring real outdoor people and real outdoor experiences. Dan, Stephanie Braman and Dustin Mueller home base is Mellon Creek Outfitters in South Texas. These different personalities traveling the world in pursuit of one common goal: to experiencing the best in hunting and outdoor adventures. You will enjoy the drama and the time spent with everyone involved in the series, Wildlifers.


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Dan Braman
Dan Braman
Stephanie Braman
Stephanie Braman
Dustin Mueller
Dustin Mueller

Living the Wildlife

Hunts are raw, emotions are real, win or lose, it’s shown as is. No opinions are held back, no secrets kept. Viewers are drawn in through engaging reality storytelling, fast paced documentary style, in-your-face hunting action played out in every episode, every time.  Hunting the way the hunt plays out, real hunting for quality animals.

Why? Because these hosts live purposed, integrity driven lives innately wired for relentless outdoor pursuits, political beliefs, honest hunting, and wild lifestyles.  From the woods to the water, and every location in between, there are no excuses and no second chances on this unapologetic journey. From home base at Mellon Creek Ranch, a sprawling 100,000+ acre working cattle and hunting ranch in Refugio, Texas, to the furthest reaches of the planet, hosts Dan and Stephanie Braman, along with Dustin Mueller, team up with JBO Production to bring you the next generation of hunting television – no fluff, just tough… and teetering on the edge of insanity.

The Show

WildLifers TV delivers big on fist-full-of-dirt honesty and come-and-take-it ideology. If that’s how you roll, when you’re one of us… a Wildlifer, and there’s only one way to live — wild.  Where ideals run deep and integrity is never for sale, you’ll find Dan, Stephanie and Dustin hammering away at life in the wild.

Hungry for something different? Ready for a walk on the wild side? WildLifers TV is brought to you the only way Dan, Stephanie, Dustin and JBO Production know how to deliver it, at full throttle. Get ready to live your indoor wildlife on the edge of your seat. Grab your safety harness, get on the couch and buckle up. Let’s roll!

It’s going to be a wild ride.

Latest Video

WildLifers in pursuit of Georgia quail! Watch Sportsman Channel beginning this fall to see this hunt!

Sundays @ 3:30pm & Thursdays @ 5:30pm. Always check your local listings.