Lets talk about retrievers for a bit, shall we? If you want a dog to and get waterfowl for you it is as easy as spending one minute on the web to find a trainer near you. You can easily find a dog that will go and get your birds. What you can’t find is a dog that does it because they have 300 years of ancestors telling them to do so. You probably wont see excitement and enthusiasm. On the contrary you’ll see a robot doing his job out of fear rather then desire. I for one don’t like that; I love dogs and wouldn’t want to hunt with one that brought me a duck because he/she was afraid of me. There is not much on this earth I love more then duck hunting and I want my dog to love it equally as much.  I have been duck hunting for forty years and thirty of those years I’ve had my own retriever. Never have I had the time nor the knowledge to train one from a puppy so I have bought my dogs. Let me say that I have been frowned upon and considered sub-human for buying dogs and for all of those who have said that, you may go straight to hell. I don’t hunt for anyone’s approval or how anyone thinks I should. I hunt because it is who I am and it is what I love. Rant Over! Throughout the years of waterfowl hunting I have been blessed with many dogs; some of them truly great. Doogy was a good one, Arnie was as well, Party would make my top two so far. But, Molly will go down as the best retriever I will ever hunt over regardless of how long I live and hunt. Party was old and his joints just couldn’t take the day in day out pounding demanded by a hunting guide. I called my old contacts and couldn’t in touch with any of them. Here is where I may have gotten as lucky as I have ever been. I was sitting in front of my computer and typed into my search engine,” Labrador Retriever.” I clicked on the first name that came up and gave them a call; within one minute I actually hung up on the person as I cannot and will not stand arrogance. The second link I clicked said, Ace’s Gun Dogs. I called this number and left a message and continued browsing. Ace called back within five minutes and we started talking. During this conversation I immediately felt that I wasn’t just a number calling I was a person. Rather then me asking all the questions it was the other way around. Ace asked me how often I hunted, where I hunted, what kind of conditions I hunted, and what I expected from a dog. Through these questions he determined my personality and although I didn’t know it at the time, he was pairing me with a dog that could handle my personality. Ace told me he had a British female there that was a little weird about strangers but if she took a liking to me she was mentally and physically strong enough to handle what I wanted and then some. We agreed on a day and I drove to his place in Kiln, Mississippi to check this red female out. I recall standing in Ace’s training area as he sent one of his guys to go get “Red Molly.” When that gate opened and at seventy-five yards away I knew I was looking at the most beautiful lab I’d ever seen. Deep red in color and shoulders like a pitbull, her head was wide and enthusiasm ran throughout her every move. Ace told me to take a tennis ball and throw it for her but not to expect her to bring it to me. “Molly doesn’t like strangers so it may take a few times”, I was told. I threw the tennis ball and she came straight back to me. Everyone was shocked that she did this and before long I had my new lab. What I didn’t know at the time was that I had the lab that the rest will forever be compared to. Ace took the time to show me how to best work her, he explained that Molly is headstrong and needed a strong willed owner. Molly and I are a force now, four years into it. She is perfect in every way. Recently I got another dog from Ace to help Molly due to my extreme schedule hunting. All of this to simply say to everyone; if you want a dog call Aces Retrievers. You will not find anyone that will take the time to match you with your dog or spend time after the purchase with anything questions you may have. I didn’t get Mick for a discount and I have no reason monetarily or through friendship to write this review. At the time I am typing this I have no deals with Ace’s Retrievers and stand nothing to gain. It is simply my hope that I can help the hunters not have to go through the things I did before. Ace’s Retrievers and all associated are for real, honest, genuine, and they are hunters. You cannot and you will not go wrong.

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