Over the past 35 years I’ve been hundred of bear hunts. With that said, I can with complete honesty say that the bear hunt we just returned from was without a doubt the best.

We hunted with Travis Reggear out of Orofino, Idaho.  As many know, I have been raising and hunting with hounds for a very long time. I use running walkers to run bobcats in Texas and I choose this breed due to its toughness and speed. Until this last hunt every bear hunt with hounds that I‘ve seen in the past has been done with tree hounds. I always asked why the tree hounds were preferred and I always got the same answer; “You have to have tree hounds in the mountains.” I never believed that, and it was proven wrong on this hunt.

Travis has the best pack of bear hounds that I have ever seen. They have a great noses and speed like I’ve never seen in a bear hound. On the first morning, we rigged a bear and Travis turned his hounds loose. To my amazement, they trailed, jumped, and treed that bear in a short order. I could tell just by listening to them that each dog was running for the front of the race and running to catch the near. Stephanie’s best friend, Casie, took her first bear. Shortly there after, we were back rigging again trying to find another bear for Stephanie. This time one of Travis’ friends, Mike, called on the radio and said that he had a track going. We drove a long way to where Mike said they were going and found them treed literally next to a logging road. This bear was beautiful and big for the time of year and area. Stephanie made a perfect shot with her bow. I looked down at my watch shortly after everything calmed down and the bear hunt was essentially over at 1:10 PM. We needed more footage so one of our camera guys bought a tag. The next day we finished the hunt with enough footage for a WildLifers episode and a CarbonTV episode.

I can say with certainty and honesty that if anyone is looking for a bear hunt, Travis Reggear is without question someone you should seriously consider.