Two years ago, my brother and I set a single day record for blue marlin releases with 26. That was a day I will never forget. I am currently typing this on the way in from two days of fishing, one of which shattered our previous record.

For those that don’t know about blue marlin fishing, catch one in a day is a pretty decent day in most places, they are elusive, hard to hook, and at times, finicky. Once you have them hooked it takes boat driving skills and experienced angler work to catch them in a timeframe that allows one to get back to fishing.

We began our two-day trip with our first bite at 5:40 AM where we raised a fish on the teaser. The fish didn’t stay up long and never saw our pitch bait. Fifteen minutes later, a fish appeared on our left teaser again, but this time inhaled the pitch and we were hooked up. Stephanie made short work of this fish when Johan had the leader in around seven minutes. After this fish it was one after another pretty much all day. Just to show the action that we experienced I will list the times of our actual catches for the day.


5:45 AM Release

5:55AM Release

6:00 AM Release

6:15 AM – 7:00 AM missed three in a row (change tactic)

7:10 AM Double Header Release 2

7:20 AM Release

8:10 AM Double Header Release 2

8:30 AM Release

9:00 AM Double Header Release 2

9:30 AM Release

9:40 AM Release (Black Marlin)

10:00 AM Release

10:17 AM Raised two, hooked one, release

10:35 AM Release

10:44 AM Release

11:12 AM Release

11:40 AM Release

12:00 PM Release

12:20 PM Release

1:00 PM Double Header Release 2

2:00 PM Release

2:24 PM Release

2:31 PM Release

2:44 PM Release

3:09 PM Release

3:55 PM Release

4:25 PM Release


The action was incredible, and Stephanie caught twenty-four of the thirty fish. Two hours of this was done in a pouring rain and the fishing never slowed down. To say that this day was incredible would be the understatement of the century.

On the second day, we moved to a different place and started fishing at around the same time. We released our first fish at five forty-five in the morning and released our last at 1:15PM. The action was fast and furious and then tapered off. I doubt that these numbers will be beaten soon but we will definitely be trying.