I am in an industry that fortunately allows me to meet many people. Recently I have noticed that many of them make comments about their personal abilities in certain areas. These comments made me begin thinking why people seem negative in certain areas. 

  It is turkey season and we have been guiding turkey hunters for the past couple of weeks. During this time I have had several hunters ask me how I learned to call like I do. Granted, I don’t consider myself any better then the next guy but apparently my hunters do. They all have one thing in common in that they say that they have tried and tried to make a mouth call work but just can’t do it. There are literally thousands of men and women that can make a mouth call sing. The one difference between those that can and cannot is simply a refusal to make it happen. It all boils down to desire and how bad do you want it. This isn’t just something in the turkey woods it is in all walks of life. 

  My son is a professional team roper that didn’t even ride a horse until he was thirteen years old. Now, at the young age of twenty-one he is ranked among the best in the country. He doesn’t have an ability that others don’t possess nor does he have this magical talent that he gets accused of.  What he does have is a desire to be good and the work ethic to train until he became great. As a result of that work ethic and desire he never has settled for good enough and never will. 

  It bothers me that people settle for can’t or good enough. To me, there is no such thing. All we need is a desire and to be dedicated. I’d hate to think that a person would live their entire life in way that didn’t reach their full potential.  We are all born with the same abilities, dedication and heart are the things that separate the good from the great.