We are at a crossroads in our country where saying this is a crucial time is an understatement. The Democrats are on the verge of taking this great nation and all of its freedoms and dissolving all of it. If you are capable of thinking otherwise you are without question part of the problem. This coming November is arguably the single most important election our nation has ever faced. No excuses, you must vote, and you must get your friends and family to vote. Give them a ride if they need it, whatever it takes go to the poles. Your freedom depends on it and more importantly the next generations freedom depends on it. We are standing on the line between civility and civil war. I read all of your posts about the fact that you are waiting for the war. If you haven’t been to war you can’t possibly know what hell it truly is. Fight the battle on the voting ballot. If civil war comes, so be it, but war is always the very last resort. Vote, vote, vote and if you don’t vote you are no better than a liberal.


Trump 2020