We are more than thrilled to make the move to the Pursuit Channel. The positives far outweigh any negative that we could possibly think of. With the Pursuit Channel, we are no longer being chocked by rules that prevent us from getting content out to our viewers. We can now place episodes on The Pursuit Channel as well as on any other platform we like. So, if you miss the episode, you can catch up fast because they put it on their Pursuit App for you to watch. The Pursuit Channel realizes that without the shows there is no network and they work with us rather than directly against us. One of the most important things The Pursuit Channel brought to the table is the fact that they promote our show and not stand directly between us and sponsorship. If ever there is a network that gives one the feeling that it’s too good to be true, we have found it. The people we work with are professionals, take our concerns and suggestions seriously, and are always eager to help us, or at least work with us in all ways. I can speak for all of the WildLifers team in saying that we are grateful that The Pursuit Channel has decided to air us to all that watch their channel. 

This year we have a great line up shows coming to our viewers. It has always been our intention to be as real as humanly possible on each hunt. That was the driving catalyst behind WildLifers being started. Realism is what we are about and hunting and fishing is truly what we do each and everyday of the year. 

We love feedback from our viewers so feel free to lets us know what you enjoy, dislike, or what you want to see. It is our opinion that with a successful outfitting business, professional shooting range, and our personal land and water adventures, we have a very diverse and exciting array of content that we can bring to our viewers. We are more than excited to bring you all along with us on The Pursuit Channel.