Each year Stephanie in conjunction with Tri-State Outfitters and Support U.S. Armed Forces put together an all female antelope hunt in New Mexico. On this hunt, six female veterans of the military or law enforcement are chosen for the hunt. Many times, it is a first-time experience for these ladies and something that we all look forward to.

Thus far, this hunt has proven to be a success for all involved. Several of the ladies left this hunt with intention of becoming hunters themselves. Of course that is a positive for us because we wholeheartedly believe in strength in numbers. Never before has our way of life been challenged like it is today.

More importantly, we try to express our love and gratitude toward the women that protect is at home and abroad. All of us affiliated with WildLifers feel that our military isn’t treated nearly as well as they should be. We likewise feel that law enforcement is a vital part of our society and we very much like to say thank you to each and every one of them. We wish that we could provide these opportunities for each of them that exist, but sadly that is impossible. We do however encourage others to make time to say thank you and donate what you can.