Dan Braman ( Host / Athlete )

After using the telemetry collars for a very long time I was skeptical to switch to the GPS collars. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the Garmin tracking system was the only way to go. The advantages to this system are countless in so many ways. I can watch where my hounds are and what they are doing live as I hunt. When training puppies I can use the stimulation system to correct them as they make mistakes making it much easier to correct problems. This gives me the advantage of finishing a dog months more quickly then the old way. If a dog becomes injured I have the immediate ability to find them and help them. In my travels I have watched my friends save their bear hounds countless times from what would have been an almost certain death due to these collars. As the bear race moves along we could see, as one particular hound wasn’t staying in the race. Being able to see this let us know something was wrong so we could get to them and help. That is invaluable alone. One will not find me, my brother, or any of my friends go hunting without our Garmin tracking system.

Aside from using Garmin collars I also have two Garmin GPS systems on my boat as well as the sounding machines. When fishing hundreds of miles offshore it is paramount that we have state of the art equipment to get where we want to go and see what is under us. Garmin performs flawlessly each and every time. In two season in Costa Rica we caught over five hundred blue marlin which was the second most caught by a boat in the Pacific Ocean. Much of our success in this regard was our ability to go where we needed to go in the shortest amount of time and see the baitfish beneath us. Much of that was because Garmin performs so easily and so flawlessly. As I won’t hunt without my collars you won’t see my boat outfitter with anything but Garmin products as well.

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