A few months ago, Stephanie said that she had an idea for a short film that she thought would do well in the Badlands Film Festival. Due to schedule conflicts and my complete confidence in her ability I wasn’t going to have a single thing to do with this project. While I was bow hunting in Iowa, Stephanie and our production crew set out to create this film. She had met Gregg Stube previously at trade show and was so impressed with him that she decided to cast him as the lead in this film. Gregg enlisted in the Army in 1988 and went on become a Special Forces Medical Sergeant.  His training is extensive to include, but not limited to, surgery, anesthesia, trauma management, pharmacology, and minor dentistry. All of these skills prepared Gregg to be a major positive when in areas where there are no doctors. Greg was wounded in Afghanistan during the battle of Sperwan Ghar, where a remote IED was detonated. His injuries were so severe that he wasn’t expected to survive. Miraculously, Gregg did survive and used his experience to help others. With a resume that is second to none and the unique ability to put his thoughts into sound wording he seemed to be a perfect fit for what Stephanie had in mind. During the filming of this project, I got updates via calls and texts but in truth, I had no idea of what they were doing. Within a couple weeks, they had wrapped up filming and sent the raw footage to The Production Distillery to begin collaborating and creating what they all had in mind. A month or so went by and I had honestly forgotten about it. One day Stephanie came to me and asked if I’d like to see the first rough draft of the film. Not knowing what they had done but at the same time having an idea in my head of what it would be like I sat down to watch it. As the film unfolded, every emotion that I possess began to spiral out of control.  First and foremost, my preconceived ideas of what this was going to be couldn’t have been anymore wrong. What took shape before my eyes was so much more then what I had thought it would be I was slightly embarrassed that I could imagine something as I did. This film was powerful, it was meaningful, and it was a culmination of things that I had been trying to find a way to say for years.  The message this film sends is likely one of the most important messages that any of us need to hear.  This film is about truth, about what we should expect of ourselves, and about how each of us regardless of status play a vital role in our communities and country.