There is nothing more horrifying than the school shootings that our country has been experiencing over the past few years. When this happens, the gun control people come out of the wood works screaming to ban this and ban that. This has always perplexed me because guns are about as much at fault as a spoon is to fat people.

The problem with many people in this country is a lack of common sense and self-accountability. These people live in a fantasy world fueled by liberalism and political correctness. How they can say that a gun is the problem is beyond me. There is no evidence to prove that point and in fact there is strong evidence to prove otherwise. Chicago is a great example; it has the strictest gun control of any city in our nation. Subsequently, their death rate is greater then some small wars. Gun control will not work, if for no other reason, only the honest people will give up their guns making themselves even more at the mercy of the dishonest.

The problem lies within the household of these animals and, in my opinion, their parents should be equally as guilty of their actions. I was raised around guns. There was a loaded gun within feet of me every day of my life. The difference is that I knew, without a doubt, that if I even looked at that gun too long I would wish that I hadn’t. I was taught at a very early age, that authority was present and enforced. It was expected for me to have manners, be polite, be cordial, and always be honest. I was taught to think before I acted on anything and always consider the consequences. Children these days don’t have that kind of structure in their lives, parents have failed. Few of us are born evil, this is created by neglect, political correctness and other liberal nonsense. The participation trophy is my pet peeve. In giving trophies to all that participate, you are creating two negatives in one shot. On one hand, you have just given the winner absolutely no incentive to win because the satisfaction and pride associated with the trophy isn’t worth anything. Secondly, in doing this you are teaching the loser that there is no reason to improve because they are a winner either way. This on any level is absolute insanity and should be stopped immediately. What purpose does it serve other then dumb down an entire generation and make them think they don’t have to work hard to be good.

The liberal logic in this country has one constant, it is illogical.