I’m not sure about everyone else, but I am starting to get very impatient waiting on the upcoming hunting season. I’m sure that I don’t feel like many of you do as I am in Texas and the days are still crazy hot. But the early mornings are beginning to feel comfortable and that is the first sign of fall. I find myself trying to fall asleep at night and thinking about big bucks, decoying waterfowl, and my hounds roaring through the brush chasing bobcats. For a man like me, this is the most magical time of year. The preparation for the upcoming season is almost as much fun as the hunt itself. For us at Mellon Creek Outfitters, our days are spent now putting out cameras, glassing, and just getting a basic idea of where the big bucks are hanging out. Nights are spent riding around looking for rattlesnakes because this time of year one seems to see more then normal. Along with those things, this time of year affords a very target rich environment where the coyotes are concerned. The pups have been weaned and they don’t have half of the sense that the older coyotes have. Just the other night while making a short round on the ranch I saw ten coyotes and all of them had a death wish. Soon, we will feel the humidity go away as the first northern pushes through along with the unmistakable smell of clean north air.

Before we know it, we will wake up at 4 AM and go to bed at mid-night. Clients begin arriving Oct. 1st and it’s nonstop from then until Christmas. WildLifers filming season is well underway as I type this, so it has begun. I want to wish everyone a safe and wonderful hunting season. May you keep the wind in your face, shoot straight, and have a wonderful time. May God bless you all.