Hunter numbers are on the downhill slide with two million less hunters then there were just a few short years ago. While our numbers are going down, the anti-hunters numbers are skyrocketing. Our populated inner-cities have millions of people that don’t know anything about hunting, and for most they never will. For many, it has never dawned on them that their eggs comes from farmers and steak from ranchers. Most never given thought to the fact that when they buy produce, they’re paying the bills for farmers. Few in this country question the millions of gallons of milk this country consumes on a daily basis. A majority of cities rarely wonder where any of this comes from beyond the grocery store. The level of stupidity among many of these people truly blows my mind. There are groups that protest the milk section in a store while holding signs saying that the cows were “murdered for milk.” When you become so detached that you think milk cows are killed to get the milk, you’ve reached levels of ignorance that is undeniable. These people are growing while we are not. Hunters, farmers, and ranchers as a whole have a moral compass. Most outdoorsman/women don’t believe in seeing how many women we can get pregnant. Most of the rural community knows and demands the importance of family and the respect of law.

All of this begs the question, what can we do to preserve our heritage and save this for the generations that will come after we are long gone? First on that list for me is for us to stop being ignorant.  We are ignorant in placing our heads in the sand preferring to be in denial that a problem exists. It is ignorance that causes us to fly off of the handle when someone anti-hunter challenges us to why we do what we do. Finally the most ignorant of all is our ego-fueled arguments among ourselves. Far too many people that I’ve talked to just shake their head and say something like, “I don’t know what we should do.” Become proactive; use your head for something other then a place to put your hat. If you can write you can help, if you can dial a phone number you can help, if you have an email you can help. Frankly if you are injured to the point that you can’t do any of those things you can use that unfortunate disability to make people hear you. Pretending like nothing is changing doesn’t mean it isn’t changing. The bottom line is that it is changing and it’s changing rapidly.

Many times I have witnessed people just fly off of the handle when we are challenged. We have to realize that when we start swearing and name calling we immediately turn into the ignorant idiot that we are trying to shame. That isn’t the way, they already hate us, belittling them certainly isn’t going to make that go away. The one thing you can rest assured of if that they have no basis to their argument. These people are coming at you simply because someone else told them that they should. I know this because there is no argument that wins over conservation, there is no entity or collection thereof that does more for conservation then hunters, and there is no person or group that cares more about the animals and their habitat then hunters themselves. So, the next time you find yourself staring down the barrel of an anti hunter, take a deep breath and calm down. You won’t convince many of them in the conversation you are having. But, once they calm down and start thinking about it you just may provoke them to star thinking.  The chance of that happening is far better then driving their hatred deeper by speaking disrespectful words and making a genuine ass of oneself. . For the record, I am guilty of doing this the wrong way, but I am trying with all that I know to approach this correctly from now on.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, the inner bickering among us has got to stop. How on earth can we stand as one against those trying to ruin us when we can’t post a picture on social media without some egomaniac starting a war? Have you ever been sitting somewhere and a bee fly around you? You notice that at the most you’ll give him one swat but otherwise not pay any attention to him.  Now imagine sitting there and a swarm of bees show up. You’d look like the cornerbacks at the NFL combine. My point is that right now we are that one bee, we fight each other thus we don’t stand as one. In doing this no one pays attention to us. However, what if we stopped this insanity and became that swarm. Think about it.