If I’ve written and talked about this subject once, I’ve done it a hundred times. PETA, Greens Peace, The Humane Society, and all other anti hunting groups and second amendment groups combined don’t pose as big of a threat as hunters do to themselves. Honestly, I have never in my life known a more egocentric, jealous, or opinionated group of people in my life.  The rhetoric and inner bickering among hunters are truly remarkable and idiocy in their ego-fueled arguments is at best, absurd.

To begin with, if I may, I’d like to begin with this private land versus public land debacle that everyone seems so concerned about. What makes anyone think that they are a better hunter simply because they hunt private or public land!? Being a better hunter is something that should be within us as a personal goal. Dragging someone down simply because they were successful on a hunt is a travesty. Nine out of ten times this complaint will come from the public land hunter and 95% of them do so out of jealousy. They can’t gain permission to hunt on private land so they belittle those that have access. That, in and of itself is childish, at the very least.  The bottom line is that hunters should enjoy what they do and become as good as it as they personally want to be. As for their opinions, how about you wait until you’re asked before offering condescending statements that serve no purpose. There are plenty we can do as hunters that are much more positive then the aforementioned idiocies. We could congratulate a fellow hunter for being successful. Furthermore, we could have compassion for hunters if they do not find success and build their confidence with kind words. We all have to realize that the anti-hunting movement is real and that we are the only thing that stands between them and success. If we continue on the path we are currently on, they won’t have to do much, we will self-destruct.  We have to realize that everyone is an individual and has their own methods; just because you don’t do something that way doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to do something. These same people that you belittle would be standing next to you if things got bad enough. The same people that you speak negatively to play on the same team that you do; so be respectful of them. How successful would a football team be if all of the players spent all day talking down to their teammates?

I, for one wish every hunter success in whatever they are hunting. If you hunt public land I wish you well, if you hunt private land I say good luck. I don’t care what you hunt or how you hunt it, if it is within the confines of the law, I hope you find success that you never dreamed of. I’ll end this with a question and a statement. Have you ever been sitting outside and a bee comes buzzing around your face? You simply swat at the bee and tell it to get out of here. What do you do if the whole swarm swoops down on where you are sitting? You run like hell and hide. We can either continue to be condescending and all be individual bees that get swatted down or we can unite and be the swarm. Your move.