The country is becoming a place that I cannot understand. We have some serious issues in this land from men in the women’s restrooms to anti-hunters. For me, the restroom issue is simple; I am a man so I don’t go in the lady’s room. God chose my gender and I am not a damn bit confused by which sex I am. Since I don’t think you can speak common sense and logic to a male that “identifies” as a female lets discuss the anti-hunting and the thoughts associated with it.

I suppose on the surface one could assume that anti-hunter is thinking with emotion rather then logic. I can see how someone may confuse domesticated animals with wild animals. I can likewise respect one’s shallow thought of how hunters destroy beauty when they take an animal. Albeit these things on the surface make a certain amount of sense, one cannot rely on tunnel vision and emotion to always air on the side of sound logic.

As a hunter I too have feelings for wildlife, I likewise find them to be remarkably beautiful in countless ways. However, I understand without a single doubt that hunters are the reason we see this beauty. It is hunters that have saved every species of the earth. Hunters alone have contributed to conservation in ways that nothing can compare. Lets look at some facts, shall we?

Each and every year roughly two hundred million dollars are distributed to state agencies for the support of wildlife management programs. For example, purchases of the federal duck stamp alone is responsible for the acquisition of more then five million acres of land that has been used for waterfowl habitat.

In 1907 there was an estimated 41,000 elk left in North America. Hunters, through conservation, programs, and much effort to raise money for habitat and laws have saved this almost decimated herd.  Today there are well over a million elk roaming our land and the hunter can be thanked for that. Take for example the whitetail deer; in 1900 there were roughly 500,000 deer left in our country. Through conservation and money raised our current population of deer is a resounding thirty-two million. The wild turkey was arguably the one species most in danger of extinction. Hunters saw this serious decline and certain fate of the magnificent species and made plans of action. Through diligence, research, and great effort they saved this beautiful bird. Today we are above seven million turkeys and growing. The same holds true for waterfowl. Greed and lack of good judgment almost decimated the waterfowl population. Hunters pushed new laws through and with license sales paid law enforcement. Today we have north of forty-four million ducks alone.

It may shock some to know that state license fees accumulate a staggering seven hundred and ninety six million dollars a year for conservation programs. The non-profit organizations such as the RMEF, NWTF, and others, hunters donate over four hundred and forty million dollars a year to conservation programs. It was hunters that asked for an 11% tax on guns, ammo, bows and arrows in 1937 to support conservation efforts. To date, this tax has accumulated right and half billion dollars for conservation. It would very hard to argue with the retail spending hunters generate in an annual basis as well. Each year hunters spend rough thirty-eight billion on retail associated items. I’ll end the fact checking with one final staggering statistic, hunting is directly responsible for six hundred and eighty thousand job.

Given the aforementioned facts I find it extremely hard to argue against hunters and hunting being the driving force behind our abounding wildlife. What seems to escape the minds of the anti-hunters is that there must be a balance. Habitat must be balanced, animals must be balanced, and laws must be in place. All of these things create recipe for future generation’s success. This recipe was brought about by hunters and it is still being funded and built upon by hunters. Would the anti-hunter add four eggs to a recipe that only called for two? No, they would not because in doing so the ratios of ingredients would be off causing the end result to be negative. When nature becomes out of balance the end result is likewise negative. God placed man in charge of all beats of land, sea, and air. In doing this he knew that we, the hunters, would care for our precious natural resources. In caring for these resources communities thrive, habitat is restored, animal numbers grow, and herds are healthy.

In closing the anti hunter’s argument is much like the liberals argument about gender identity; it makes absolutely no sense.  Without conservation and animal harvest the herd will succumb to inbreeding and disease. Cut through all of the fact checking and paragraphs of opinions and it all boils down to one single thing. Hunters saved the wildlife and they continue to do so day after day, month after month, and year after year. Long live the hunter and hunting.