Recently, I saw a thread on one of the social media platforms where people were bashing the National Wild Turkey Federation. I’m sure that no organization can make everyone happy but most of the conservation organizations are necessary to the survival of whatever they are trying to protect.

The National Wild Turkey Federation was established in 1973 when the wild turkey population was estimated at 1.3 million wild turkeys in North America collectively. Within a few decades of dedicated work that 1.3 million turned into 7 million. Although we are currently blessed with record high numbers of wild turkey, what the NWTF and we do from now on will dictate what the future holds.
February 12 – 15, the NWTF holds their annual convention where everything imaginable that has to do with turkey hunting is under one roof. Call makers, outfitters, and an array of countless other hunting related things are literally everywhere. It is always something that I look forward to each and every year. For me, it is the calls. The talent and craftsmanship that go into what these people make absolutely intrigues me. It is likewise an excellent opportunity to say hello to old friends and clients as well as make new ones. WildLifers TV and Mellon Creek Outfitters will be at booth 1105. We look very forward to seeing you there.


-Dan, Host