The creation of Onxmaps could arguably be the most useful tool hunters have today. I can’t speak for everyone but I can’t tell you how many times I have been hunting a walked up on a fence and didn’t know if I could cross it. This alone has kept my success ratios down by a huge amount throughout the years. More times then not I have later found out that I could have crossed that fence and had a much better chance. However, before Onxmaps I wouldn’t if I was unsure. With this brilliant creation, I now can simply open my phone and easily see who owns the property. That is enough to download the app but there is more. Lets suppose we have an elk bugling or a turkey gobbling a distance away and it isn’t budging. It becomes evident to us that we need to move but in a new area we don’t know for sure what is between what we are hearing and us. We can open up the app and get a view of what the terrain look like and use it to our advantage. We can map out better exits from our hunting areas as well as virtually scout a new area without being there. The list of why we should have this app versus why we shouldn’t is unbelievably one sided. The bottom line is that we spend countless dollars on all kinds of things that we arguably do not need, this is NOT one of those things. There is a thousand reasons to have this app and absolutely no reason not to.

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