As I type this, I am in a hotel room in Kansas waiting on the wind to switch so that I can get back into my blind. The wind changed this morning from northwest to south and that just won’t work for where I am hunting.  Some sports team is staying in the same hotel and I just returned from the breakfast area getting coffee. What I saw down there appalled me and thus I was inspired to write about it.

When I rounded the corner to get my coffee, I noticed that the room was filled with young people appearing to be in their late teens or very early twenties. These kids were all in line taking their turns at the breakfast buffet.  Nothing wrong with that except that five or six of the young ladies were wearing tight shorts that literally could have been used as a bikini bottom. Maybe I’m old fashioned, maybe I am close-minded, but to me this is part of the many things wrong with our country today. I don’t have a daughter, but I assure you that if I did, she would not consider wearing anything close to this to eat breakfast or anywhere aside from in the water. The lack of self respect it must take to walk around in a room filled with people with half of your butt hanging out is crazy. This brings me to another important discussion that I wish to opine on.

What is it that causes the illogical arguments in our political system to thrive as they do?! What is it that causes a huge portion of our citizens to believe the lies that a certain political party continues to promise? In my most humble opinion, the single most logical catalyst in allowing the insanities to thrive in our country is a major number of people disassociating themselves with God. It seems that a lot of people have decided that they only care about the moment rather than the future. If we think about these issues, we can surmise that most, if not all, of the things that we disagree with stem from a lack of faith in the Bible.  I’d be willing to bet that a few of you that just read the word “Bible” are already offended. Many don’t want to think about God or the Bible. They choose to ignore these two topics because they know that these things stand between them and their version of fun and feel good. The world has been twisted into what is fun versus what isn’t, and it is based on convenience and denial. I’d like to discuss some of these issues and my thoughts on them; these are just my thoughts and opinions and I am happy to debate them with anyone that disagrees. At the end of the day, a healthy debate is good for everyone and I feel these things are important for a healthy society.

I’ll start with one of the higher topics on my list of what I feel is truly an abomination. Abortion. Yes, I said it, abortion. The word that stops many readers much like Bible stops them. Many don’t care to discuss it, they simply or far it or against it and that is that. In my opinion, abortion is arguably the single vilest and horrible thing a person can do. Regardless of how you look at it, an abortion ends the life of a child, a human, a baby with a soul and a beating heart. The list of excuses as to why people get them is extremely long and none of them hold water, in my opinion. I have read reasons that state, they can’t afford a baby, they are too young for kids, they don’t want a baby, they already have too many babies, and the list goes on. Should that not have been a thought before they made the baby? Should they not have been more responsible and given in more thought? They didn’t because it was convenient, it felt good, and they were in denial. Now who suffers for this act of irresponsibility? It isn’t the father, it isn’t the mother, it is the baby who had nothing to do with anything. Two people created and killed it. That is wrong, that is an abomination, and in my mind unless you wholeheartedly stand against it in every way you are guilty as those doing it. I’m sure there are scenarios where it is a medical emergency in which the mother’s life is on the line were an exception could be made. I need to leave that decision to the medical and religious experts, but the high percentage of abortions are done because a baby isn’t wanted. There is one sure fire way to not have a baby, it isn’t convenient, it doesn’t feel as good, and you have to be responsible but if you don’t have sex chances are you won’t get pregnant.

The second concern on my list of this country’s idiocies, is this open border policy that democrats keep screaming. What kind of nation lives without sovereignty? Who just opens the doors for anyone to come into their country without a process of legality? The answer to those two questions is very simple, democrats. My question is why would they do this? There is no logical reason as to why anyone would want a person to simply walk into our nation without a thorough history of this person being known. There isn’t a single molecule of good sense in allowing a person to walk in, sign a paper, and start voting. Why do the democrats push this agenda so much? The only logical answer is that they are doing it for votes, because their agenda cannot and never will fall into the backbone of the patriots of this nation.  If a democrat locks his/her door at night, then they are being hypocrites. A legal process in place for people to become citizens and this is how it should be. Allowing the scum of the earth walk into our country only for the sake of vote should make every democrat on this earth switch party.

The third issue I have with these people is the raising of taxes. I think it would be a fair assessment to say that no one really likes taxes. The democrats campaign on the speech of being Robin Hood, taking from the rich and distributing to the poor. This fires up the hatred and jealousy that people have for the successful and they become like sharks in a feeding frenzy. They never stop to think that taxing the companies, corporations, and the individual trickles down to everyone on this planet. It isn’t complicated. It is both sensible and logical. Furthermore, the democrats have promised these great things for a very long time and they have not once delivered on them. Yet, they continue to say the same things and they do so with such skill people believe it.

I, for one, would rather live in this country where people base decisions on morals rather then wishful thinking. The concept of a society where everyone agrees with everyone and peace and love roam every street is illogical. Being tolerant of those that are wrong will not create peace; it will however create chaos and outrage. Meaning that those that are wrong and immoral will want more and more, while those that are logical and immoral will feel more betrayal and resentment. For the life of me I cannot understand how these people think. The actors and entertainer who have found success in magnitude stand on the side of idiocy preaching against the very things that gave them success.  They claim to be a party of compassion but look at the major cities that have been under democrat control for a long time, they are a dismal failure. Detroit, for example was once a thriving city of beauty and now it is failing on every front. Chicago is another great example of democrats failed policy. Chicago has it all on every front but, yet it is now a war zone in certain parts. The bottom line in my opinion is that the democrats have done a great job in brainwashing our populous methodically. The have infiltrated our universities in many ways and slowly indoctrinated our youth. The major cities of this nation, for the most part, live or are forced to live under the thinking of a political party that makes absolutely zero logical sense. When is the last time you debated a democrat and they actually came up with an original thought that made you think, oh that makes sense? They don’t because it doesn’t exist. All that a democrat can do is repeat what they have been told by their idols. They can’t tell you why or how they can only repeat. For example, they will say, “President Trump is a racist.” If you say politely,” Please give me an example of Trump being a racist”, they will not be able to do it.  Perhaps you then mix things up and say,” Tell me what Trump has done negative for this country.” They will say, he hates gays, he hates immigrants, he steps on the working man, he’s anti-women, he’s takes from the successful and gives to the unsuccessful.” Then, when you ask them to give an example to one of those claims they will filibuster and not produce a single fact.  The bottom line is that the democrats rely on those that live in the inner cities and those that are too lazy to want a better life for votes. They are illogical, immoral, and in many cases downright evil. For those of you that disagree let’s discuss it. We don’t have to do like the ANTIFA members and fight in the streets we can just have a debate. Good morals, love of God, love of country, and love of fellow man will always and forever beat illogical and immoral. You tell me, who leans more toward logical and moral versus illogical and immoral? Being tolerant of stupid and immoral acts doesn’t make you a hero it makes you complicit. Perhaps you only agree with one or two of the democrat’s policies, keep in mind that when you vote democrat for one policy, you’re also placing an ok on killing babies, allowing thugs into our country without due diligence, giving to those that refuse to help themselves, and believing in a fantasy world where greed, lies, and evil don’t exist. If there is no wrong then certainly there can be no right, that is where we are headed and for me, we are far too close. I am thankful for the opportunities this nation has given me; no other country in this world could have allowed the things I have gained.  I’m sure the conservative party does many things we all disagree with, but they at least stand on the side of logical and moral acts. I think this is all something worthy of consideration.