Social media has opened up doors to things that most of us my age never would have imagined. At any given time of the day, we can scroll through our feeds and see what other outdoorsmen/women are doing across the world. Although, social media has brought countless positives to each of us it has also shed light on the most profound negative of them all. There is an entire population of individuals in this country that want nothing more then to take away our freedoms; hunting being one of them. The aforementioned negative is the fact that, we are our own worst enemy when it comes to defending the right to hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors. One doesn’t have to spend too much time at all on Facebook or Instagram to find a compilation of unnecessary ego contests.  For example, a proud father posts a photograph of his son/daughter’s first buck. Inevitably, someone will have a negative comment about the animal being too young, too small, or shot placement. This always escalates into those defending the person and those opposing. From this point there is always the spin off arguments between individuals where language begins being used that a lady or child shouldn’t have to read. Long story short, the hunter is assumed a complete maniac with a seriously limited vocabulary.

I find it appalling that rarely does anyone step in and pronounce the real issue. Of course, no one should make a negative comment, but the real issue is the attitude of most of the hunters. Everyone loves to think they are better then the next when in essence, it truly doesn’t matter. Lets be honest, we hunt because we love the outdoors, we like the challenge, and we find peace there. We hunt because many of us can’t remember not hunting; it is truly a part of who we are. But 99% of us are guilty of not doing anything to bring us all together as one voice that will be heard. We desperately are in need of a voice of intelligence and practicality to stand up in the face of those against us.  There are many organizations out there attempting to do this and so many people find excuses not to participate. They can fill up their truck or loan their buddy $20 but can’t donate to an organization. They can come up with absurd conspiracy theories about how the government is doing this to cause that and place their heads in the sand. These people will jump all over a child that killed their first buck but can’t band together to fight the real enemy. The fighting among us is arguably the most remarkable show of stupidity that anyone has ever witnessed.

It all begs a very simple, yet profound question. Do you want your children to one day lose their firearms and hunting rights? If they do it will not be because my ego and laziness wouldn’t allow me to try and stop this onslaught. Tell me people, where will you conscious be?