Sometimes I struggle to find topics to write about without being repetitive. There is one topic that always is worth the mention, poaching. Thirty minutes ago, Dustin was out scouting our lease country in Kansas and caught two guys about to go hunting on our land. Dustin confronted these guys and they immediately started lying about having permission to hunt this property and said that they had been given permission twenty years ago. Within the hunting industry worldwide there is no lower scum then people that poach private property.  Where these to guys are concerned they can’t even use the excuse of food. These guys were driving a new truck, pulling a good flatbed trailer, with a UTV on it. People down on their luck can’t afford these things so it is preposterous for these idiots to say they need meat. What these people are, are a collection of disrespectful people consumed with jealousy of those that own and/or lease private property. These people have that chip on their shoulder where they think the world owes them something. News Flash!!!!! The world owes you nothing, if you want something get out and earn it.

We lease this land for a good amount of money, we buy corn, stands, and cameras to further the money spent on this property. When we hunt, we film for WildLifers, which means we have cameramen to pay, cameras that have been bought, and food bought for the cabin. Furthermore, we come to town for an extended period of time with several people between the bow and rifle season paying a good amount to the local economy.  We buy fuel, we go to restaurants, and we buy other necessities plus license and many more things from local businesses. What do you think this local poacher spends in the area? To make matters worse, we don’t shoot young immature deer. We pass on countless bucks every day that we are here so that they grow to be big. Then you have some scoundrel with the “if its brown, its down” attitude killing bucks that we let walk. People need to be hard on the residents that disrespect private property because it ultimately hurts everyone. State laws should be changed to make it a serious crime if one is caught trespassing.

Poachers should be imprisoned in my opinion, especially the second time offenders. Texas passed a law years ago that made criminal trespass a felony; the number of poachers went down to almost nothing. Kansas and all other states should follow suite in this law change. There are bad people in every walk of life and in the hunting industry the poachers are the worst of the worst.