The economy was going strong, the hunting season had ended with great success, everyone was gearing up for spring turkey hunting and BOOM, the wheels fell off. COVID-19 swooped in on our country with the media making it sound like a 2nd century plague. Fear gripped our nation in ways that made absolutely no sense to me but in either case, turkey season was stopped where my travel plans were concerned. I still got to hunt Texas and spent a short time in Oklahoma, but my big plans had to be postponed. I have heard a lot of opinions on this COVID-19 virus and I thought I would share mine as well. 

President Trump had done a great job, the economy was strong, unemployment was down, the GDP was great, and the impeachment lie didn’t work. No one will ever convince me that this virus was nothing more then a fear tactic to crash the economy so the demonic liberals could somehow blame it on President Trump. I have no doubt that the virus is real just like the flu is real. The difference is that the liberal media isn’t told to make the flu sound like the world is coming to an end. The numbers don’t add up, the death rate is lower than anything worth worrying about, and ironically the most liberal areas are “suffering” the most from the disease. In all fairness, you are more likely to be attacked by a shark underwater while getting struck by lightning simultaneously then die of COVID-19. It is simply preposterous on so many levels. That is just my opinion on it, many agree with me and equally as many disagree, I assume. In either case, this is a great opportunity for me to say that I personally think our country is going to hell and the liberals are the cause. Let’s look at Bernie Sanders, for example. Bernie is a self admitted socialist and he gets a huge following every time he runs for president. That is bad but it seems worse when Venezuela is on the news everyday eating their pet dogs due to socialism. Safe places, therapy, equality, is the battle cry of these deranged imbeciles that consider themselves intelligent. Furthermore, the liberals preach, scream, and demand tolerance. They demand tolerance until someone doesn’t tolerate their downright evil agenda and then they riot. Remember Ferguson, Missouri, who riots and burns down their own property? It’s all about attention.

Basically, this blog is about my opinion on COVID-19 and our society. I think they are both an insane bunch of nonsense. Elderly people and those with weakened immune systems are at risk. That is staggering, but they are also at risk of every other disease on the planet as well. Normalcy and our laws in this country are based upon one single thing; God. Think about our laws, there isn’t one of them that God didn’t assign first. Abortion, its wrong and squarely falls under the “thou shalt not commit murder” rule. If one thinks about it with very little effort how can one consider themselves a Christian and also a democrat? They can’t. This got a little spread out and off topic. For that I am sorry. But, I cannot and will not sit idle as those that think their vote won’t count allow our country to be turned into a third world cesspool.