We are excited to announce that season three is about to begin. This year’s lineup, in our opinion, will be our best run of shows yet. We had one of most amazing years we’ve ever experienced in the outdoors. We cannot stress enough just how blessed we are to do what we do each and every day. Below you will find a brief description of the episodes to come and we truly hope that you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them for you.

Air Dates and Times

First show; July 3, 2018, 7:00PM EST  


Saturday @ 9:00AM, Monday @ 4:00PM, Tuesday @ 7:00PM,

Wednesday @ 3:30AM

Nebraska Waterfowl– Each January, we travel to a good friends place in Nebraska to hunt mallards. This hunt is special to us because we don’t have mallards in Texas. The place we hunt is hands down the best waterfowl hunting that we have found in the United States. You will see some of the most amazing footage we’ve ever taken mixed with beautiful dog work. Molly and Mick were hitting on all eight cylinders each day that we hunted. Waterfowl hunting ranks in Dan’s top three things to do and it is quickly becoming a passion for Dustin as well.

New Mexico Bear– We travel back to New Mexico to hunt bear with hounds. This hunt is done on the beautiful UU Bar ranch and it is one of Stephanie’s favorite places to hunt. On this hunt, Stephanie takes her son Race along for his first bear hunt. We all know just how exciting it is to experience our children’s first hunt. As usual, Sri-State Outfitter’s hounds work great and we are able to have an awesome hunt. Stephanie makes a great shot with her bow and harvests a gorgeous color phase bear. Race stalks his and you’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Ladies Antelope Hunt– Stephanie loves opening the door to bring more women into the hunting community. With that being said, she is even more passionate about thanking the people that protect our country at home and overseas. On this hunt, with the help of Support U. S. Armed Forces, Stephanie finds women who have been in combat situations or actively involved with law enforcement. Most of these women have little to no hunting experience whatsoever. This hunt gives them an opportunity to see what hunting all about and all is have left wanting to do more of it. With plenty of antelope to choose from and great guides, this is a beautiful hunt filled with ample opportunity for success. Stephanie loves this hunt as much as any of them because it gives her the chance to say thank you to those that protect our liberty.

Elk with Kevin Fowler– We travel back to New Mexico with Tri-State Outfitters where Dan and Kevin Fowler hunt elk. Kevin has been a friend of the Braman’s for a while and his dream for years has always been to take an elk with his bow. Kevin has been on multiple hunts and never found success. It all comes together after several missed opportunities. Dan makes a remarkably long shot on a 7 x 7 bull elk that is a must see.

Exotic Slam– When Stephanie found out that there was a free-range exotic slam that could happen in New Mexico,  it was only a matter of time before she had it all arranged. She would hunt aoudad in the eastern central parts of New Mexico, Oryx near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, and Ibex in the Florida Mountains near Demming, New Mexico. Each of these hunts is unique and action packed for sure. The aoudad was a beautiful hunt that required some great shooting on Stephanie’s part. The ibex hunt proved to be the physically demanding hunt that Stephanie has encountered thus far. She makes a remarkable shot on this hunt as well. The oryx hunt is set in the desert with many animals to choose from. All of these hunts are beautiful and exceptionally filmed.

Braman Hound History– It is no secret that the Braman Brothers have some of the best bobcat hounds in the country. What we don’t think people realize is the true passion they share for this type of hunting and the history behind that passions. We believe that hound people especially will enjoy this episode because it gives insight into the Braman’s knowledge of hounds and their bloodlines. Never have Dan and Joe Braman sat down and been asked their opinions on hounds and hunting with hounds. This episode gives a fairly in depth look into the opinions of to exceptional hound men.

Mule Deer– Stephanie and Lacey Mueller travel to Colorado to hunt mule deer. Although they find a buck that is bigger than most anyone has ever seen they have trouble finding him. Lacey brings excitement to the WildLifers that the rest can’t do. We are fortunate to have her on our team.