Recently we filmed an elk hunt in New Mexico where we were blessed to witness can encounter that few every experience. We were so excited to share this with our followers on social media; we posted it within an hour of it happening. Stephanie was the hunter in this particular clip and the amount of negative comments she endured was truly remarkable. As I read through them wondering why people would say some of the things they said I began to realize that had it been a man hunting many of these ridiculous comments wouldn’t have been typed. For whatever reason people are far more likely to speak negatively about female hunters then their male counterparts. This is unfortunate and more people need to step up and dissolve this negative aspect within our beloved industry.

I’m the guy that always wants to know why something happens. Yes, I’m guilty of thinking far too deeply into things and trying to recognize why. This is certainly no exception. As I sat in an airport leaving Shot Show I began to ponder what is the logic behind the negative comments? Why is it easier for these people (mostly men) to comment negatively about a short clip of my wife and an elk? One can only conclude that it is easier for a man to belittle a woman because they don’t have a concern of rebuttal. Perhaps it makes them feel better about themselves to say illogical things toward a woman that enjoys our sport. The reasons I came up with are countless but there is one constant; there is no justifiable reason for any of them. There is nothing wrong with women hunting; in fact, I think it is truly fantastic.

As a hunting guide with over three decades of experience I can say with absolute certainty that women are better clients. Not a single woman in thirty plus years has ever allowed ego to keep them from doing what they need to do. Never has a woman balked at a suggestion because they felt that doing so would make them look less manly. Day in and day out women out perform men where shooting is concerned. Why? This answer is simple; a man worries about what he will look like if he misses. Men worry that if they take a suggestion from a guide they look like a novice. Women, simply have a good time and take the suggestions as useful tools. If you ask my opinion women are the better hunters for the most part. Furthermore, women need to be encouraged to hunt more rather then belittled for doing so.

Our sport is being attacked from every angle on a daily basis. A simple scroll through social media will show you that the liberals and all of its counterparts are doing everything within their power to stop our rights and our sport. It truly doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, what matters is that we encourage each other to pursue this sport with ethics, good morals, and respect.  Consider the organizations, entities, and individuals that give their time and money to fight those against us. What if women joined these endeavors in the numbers that men do? There is strength in numbers and together we are a force. Lets stop the egotistical rhetoric where women in the outdoors in concerned. In fact, let us stop worrying about how we hunt, or who is better at it. Encourage each other to experience our sport and help each other along the way. Always remain lawful and ethical and we will never ever be stopped.