I have written on this subject many times in the past and I’m not sure that my point is being taken seriously. We must stop the childish banter among ourselves and become one voice against our enemies. Don’t be so blind as to think that there isn’t a well-organized army of people that want to ban the sport that we love. These people despise hunting, and everything associated with it. It has already happened in other countries so to not take this seriously would be a huge mistake.

We currently live in a country where it has become ok for a person to decide that they don’t agree with the gender that God gave them. To take that matter a little further into the realm of ridiculous, there are scores of surgeons that will gladly take your money and remove whatever parts you don’t “identify” with. For example, Vermont recently had a transgender person win the governor’s primary race. Think about that for a minute. Vermont elected a person who thinks he’s a woman although he was born a man to run their state. When things like that happen, the other side is winning. The mindset among this group of people is one that must be met with numbers. Thus, it is more important than ever to band together and stop our inner bickering.

As I’ve stated in the past, it is hard to look at a social media post and not find one or several people that find it humorous to talk negatively in one way or another.  When this happens, others come to the defense and it all starts. There are pages on Instagram that were put in place for the soul purpose of making fun of people in the hunting industry. One particular page loves to target the ladies that have used Instagram to gain popularity within the hunting industry. The people that run these pages are cruel and typically hide behind the anonymous coward aspect. Once again, this serves no purpose aside from dividing us and giving the other side ammunition.

If a lady wishes to use social media to promote herself and her outdoor adventures why is that a problem!? Is it jealousy that causes these people to formulate their slanderous words!? Do they enjoy cutting down other people to make themselves feel better? Or, are they simply fueled by ego when other fools laugh at their idiotic jokes? In any case, their banter serves absolutely no purpose and they might as well be trying to ban hunting themselves. Hunters seem to have huge ego problems, in my opinion, more than most hunters seem to have. That, ‘I’m the best’, chip on their shoulder. What makes you think you’re the best? Comparatively speaking, I have probably taken more animals then 95% of the people reading this blog; that doesn’t mean that I am one bit better than anyone at what we do. In fact, I know a plethora of people that have hunted far less than me and taken fewer animals than I and are much better. I also know that I have a television show on the Sportsman Channel as well as another on Carbon TV and only have 1800+ followers in Instagram while some lady who has no TV show has 100K+ followers. Does that upset me or make me want to belittle them!? Absolutely not. What that does do is cause me to want to talk to them and learn how they make such progress. Hunting isn’t about the biggest animal, hardest climb, best dogs, or straightest shooter. Hunting is about something unexplainable within us all. We all share one common bond and that is a love of the outdoors. As long as hunters are being both legal and ethical it shouldn’t matter to us how they hunt or what they take, it is absolutely none of our business.

There are literally millions upon millions of people in the cities that cannot comprehend what we take for granted. They have never hunted and most likely never will. To these people hunting isn’t even something that they think about so why would they vote the person into office that will help protect our sport? It is these people that think we need open borders, gender confusion, and governors that think they are women even though they were born a man. Imagine that you had never been outside of the concrete jungle, never smelled the dew, never heard an elk bugle, never heard a hound trailing, and never saw the beauty of the outdoors. Now imagine that a million people around you say it is murder and it is wrong. You wouldn’t know any better and you’d jump right on the bandwagon. That is where we are, and we must come together. We must stop being silent but more importantly we must stop being ignorant with our counter attacks. Swearing at people and belittling them gives them every right to think that we are a bunch of hillbillies that can’t formulate words. Rather than getting angry and vomiting contempt, stay calm and speak truths that are unarguable. Lastly, save your arguing for those that want to stop us. We need to be one voice. Do you want your children to enjoy what we always have? Fighting amongst ourselves and being ignorant in the face of the antis will guarantee your children will only have our pictures as a reminder of what used to be.