One of the best things I’ve ever heard anyone say is that we never truly learn how to do anything. It is those that are always trying to perfect their game that achieve the greatest reward. This is so profoundly true that I wanted to opine on that thought in this blog.  Regardless of what it is that you do, if you wish to be good at it you can never ever have the “that’s good enough” attitude. For me, nothing is ever good enough. If I were to kill a 200-inch whitetail buck, I’d be ecstatic, but I’d want a 210”. Recently, we caught 30 blue marlins in one day, and I wanted fifty. I’ve taken thousands of photographs that others think are perfection, I only see what I could’ve done better. That is why I say that regardless of what you do, you must strive to do it better each time. You will never achieve perfection and if you have my personality you’ll never be happy with what is achieved. However, so long as your chasing better, you will be very good at whatever it is that you do.

I told this story to a man one time and he accused me of being greedy.  The desire to chase perfection isn’t a symptom of greed nor is it being less thankful for past success. The chase for perfection is a standard of which you hold yourself thus making failure almost impossible. I can’t tell you how often I have heard someone say, “I wish I could take pictures like that”. My answer is always that they can, they must only apply themselves. The cookie cutter answer is, “ I just don’t understand all that technical stuff and that camera has too many buttons”. What that means is that I don’t want to learn about the technical stuff, I am embarrassed to admit that I don’t understand it, and how I am is good enough. If that isn’t a defeatist attitude there isn’t one. I am categorically telling you that there isn’t a single thing on this earth that you can’t do if you have the right attitude. It may not be easy, and you may have sweat and stress more than you know possible but if you apply yourself and be humble enough to admit you don’t know how, you can and will learn. For example, I am deathly afraid of heights and I’ve tried everything that I can think of to overcome that fear. Nothing has made me feel comfortable in high places such as a tree stand. But, if it was truly required that I get over it I absolutely could. The first thing I would do is, hang that tree stand high enough to almost need support oxygen. Secondly, I’d put on my safety harness and jump the hell of the stand. Yes, this would scare the hell out of me and I would dread it. But, I would repeat this process until my conscious and subconscious mind gained faith in the harness. My attitude is that, I absolutely will not tolerate defeat and thus I have been blessed with much success so far in my life and I expect there will be more. I expect more for the simple reason that I have not yet reached perfection and each day I wake up and chase it.