Success is something that is wanted by all, pursued by most, and accomplished by few. Most simply settle for the fact that “they just can’t do it.” There are two main factors that separate the successful from the average; determination and fear. If one wants to be successful in the ever-growing world they must first be determined beyond anything else. They must be determined to not fail, to ignore set backs, and to keep their goal reasonable and stop at nothing to achieve it. Secondly, fear must be abolished beforehand. There are so many great ideas that never get tested because of fear of failure.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the words, “ I just can’t do it” or “It’ll never work”. These statements are nothing more then fears of an idea not working. Fear of failure effects people in different ways. Some people worry that they’ll spend too much money pursuing an idea while others concern themselves with a bruised ego. Thus, before success can be achieved we must all cast fear aside and want it more then anyone else.

A great example of this for me personally is bottled water. If someone had come to me when I was a young man and said that they were going to bottle water and make millions of dollars selling it, I would have laughed in their face. That laugh would have damaged some people’s ego. It could have also caused someone fear and that venture would cost more then it is worth. However, someone was determined with his or her idea and fearless. They pursued this idea with determination, they marketed it wisely, and they boldly began a company. Since then, billions upon billions of dollars have been made on a simple bottle of water. The numbers of companies that bottle water are countless these days. But, the important one is the first company that charted the map; this company and its people refused failure and believed in themselves. When all other people made them seem like fools they stayed the course. For their determination and fear of failure they enjoyed a success that is unbelievable.

In spite of our country’s problems we live in the greatest country on earth. Each and every individual that lives in the United States of America has the chance at success. If there is an idea in someone’s mind they should form a plan, create realistic goals, have an end game in sight, and stop at nothing to achieve it.