The use of private aircraft has been labeled leisure only available to the few with more money then good sense. This is simply not true in the grand scheme of things. There are many times when private air charter makes more sense financially as well as time wise. There are likewise times when remote areas are only accessible in this manner.

When the need arises for us to use a private air charter company we trust our travel completely to Vault Aviation. My brother introduced me to Weston Hull several years ago as a solid reputable contact in the airplane charter business.  As the owner of Braman Winery and Running Walker Beer, my brother has a need to travel for various meetings often. He exclusively uses Vault Aviation and has had no problems whatsoever. The examples that I can give as to the appreciation I have for this company are limitless. One example is when I was in Nebraska hunting turkey in the spring of 2016. I got a call that my son had cut off his finger in a team roping accident. As I tried to figure out what I was going to do my son was being wheeled into surgery. Needless to say I called Weston and told him what was going on and that I needed to get home right now. Within forty minutes there was a jet sitting on a runway in no man’s land Nebraska and I was headed home. In what could’ve been a all day or two day trip turned into two hours an forty minutes. Because of Weston’s dedication to his clients I was able to be in the recovery room when my son awaked from surgery.  As a professional rodeo athlete, my son sometimes needs to use private air charter to get from one rodeo to the next in time to compete. Sometimes the only way something can be done is by using this kind of service.

Regarding the expense of the matter I believe there are some false assumptions where private air travel is concerned. Of course if you ask for a Gulfstream IV and wish to take it to Africa it is going to cost a lot of money. However, the makes and models of aircraft are almost limitless and priced accordingly. Weston Hull is simply great about respecting your personal financial needs and getting you the airplane that you need and can afford. His business likewise completely makes certain that each airplane has the best maintenance and highly qualified pilots. Furthermore, a group of three, four, or more people can split the cost of any trip and make the price even more appealing.

For the Wildlifers as well as my brother’s company, Braman Brands we only use Weston Hull and Vault Aviation. They honestly do not have a negative side to them.