I think it is imperative that we all realize what Veterans Day is all about. It is important that we realize that while we enjoy events and activities in this great country we do so because of the people that keep this country free. We should never be so naïve to think that our freedom is just happenstance. The world is filled with greed and we would be nothing more than sitting ducks if it weren’t for our military. We must also not confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day. Veterans Day is in place to honor those currently serving in our military while Memorial Day honors those that have died.

 Each and every year WildLifers in conjunction with Mellon Creek Outfitters hosts several hunts for Purple Heart recipients. These hunts are truly humbling and something that more people should do.  The stories we hear from these soldiers are unfathomable to people that have never been through the things they have been through. To think that each of the individuals went through such horrific events willingly in the name of freedom is truly humbling.

 With that said, on this Veterans Day we should pause and give thanks to those that protect us, we should also say a prayer for their safety. In fact we should do these things every day, for me, Veterans Day is everyday. I for one realize that my freedom comes from their sacrifice and I do not take that lightly.