How do people in a free country not give serious thought about the care and respect for our veterans?! Is this country filled so deeply with greed and selfish jackasses that a vast number of them are too worried about themselves to help the people who put their lives on the line?!

Each and every day we have veterans dying because they can’t get doctors, committing suicides that could have been avoided, and living under bridges. This is completely unacceptable. Last year at the Dixie Deer Classic, I stood in the Support U.S. Armed Forces booth as they attempted to get donations for veterans. It was remarkable to me that the majority of people walked by and never even looked in our direction. The ones that infuriated me even more were the ones that would notice the booth and purposely walk another direction. What in the hell is wrong with you people? Are they so selfish and vane that you cannot forfeit pocket change in a jar? Are they so selfish and delusional that they think our freedoms are in place because it is happenstance? It is nothing short of horrible that anyone would walk by something like this without acknowledgement.

Part of the reason the situation is like this is because of organizations not being honest about what they do with the money. That is the only excuse one could ever use that holds water. Sadly, I doubt that many at all use this excuse. They simply walk by thinking that they have better things to spend their money on. No, you do not have better things to spend your money on. The bottom line is that you are a selfish individual who wants to buy toys rather then help someone in need. This is unacceptable at the very least and this kind of thought process should be changed.

For all of you who didn’t serve and didn’t donate, imagine being nothing more than a big kid and in a foreign land. While in this foreign land, you are ordered to walk into hell by someone you don’t even know. If you’re lucky, you live and make it home only to be treated like someone with a scorching case of syphilis. Imagine that is your son or daughter that chose to enlist and made it home. You selfish knuckleheads would be playing an entirely differ tune then. Stop this absurd selfishness and when you see an opportunity to do something for a veteran, do it.