I follow a lot of hunting pages on social media and recently a topic came up that I thought important enough to write about. Someone on a forum made a comment that we needed to all get involved slightly deeper in the political process. This person stated this in hopes of uniting the people on the page to ban together and fight for our rights. One of the first comments he received was a negative comment about this being a hunting page and not some place he wanted to see politics. Albeit I don’t think anyone wants to constantly be reminded of politics it is something that is very important. Regardless of if we like it or not, hunting is a very political industry. Many of you reading this may have the attitude of you just want to mind your own business and not worry with political things. Perhaps you take the stance that politicians on both sides are crooked so it won’t matter if you participate or not. If your stance is the latter you seriously need to reconsider. On the other hand, if your stance is the former, you need to rethink that as well. First of all as a citizen of this great nation you have every right to complain, praise, worry, or applaud all aspects of politics. With that in mind, the people that we place in the senate, congress, or the White House are directly involved with our day-to-day life. It doesn’t matter if you care to be involved or not, you are by default involved. One of the greatest moments we have in our industry is accompanying children on a hunt to taking our own children hunting. If you care one cent about the future of these children and the outdoors you’ll change your mind on sticking your head in the sand. While most of the outdoorsman/hunters are working to provide for their family or hunting the other side is becoming more and more organized. Each and every time a democrat is elected to a political office the anti-hunting army is growing. You see, they have lived on lies for a century; they buy votes with empty promises of nothing. They cater to a mass of people that couldn’t care less about hunting or natural resources. In fact, they promote an agenda that is absolutely against everything the hunting community stands for. Think about some of the grounds of which they stand on:

 Open borders – What possible good could ever come from open borders to a sovereign nation? The first thing that comes to mind is freeloaders living on government assistance and vote for the democrats. The second thing is a work force that will do whatever it is that you do for pennies on the dollar driving your wages to nothing.  Third, they hate the fact that taxes are cut because with lower taxes there isn’t enough money left over to pay for the programs to feed, clothe, and house these leeches. They have no job, they breed like rats and far too many are not contributing one ounce to society. 

 Anti Hunting- It is likely that every single pair of eyes reading this has been in a conversation with someone who doesn’t agree with hunting. If you are like me, you become frustrated with their argument because it is based on zero facts and frankly it is absurd. I huge majority of the city dwellers in this country don’t know a thing about the outdoors or hunting. They take the position that if they don’t hunt they don’t need to worry with it. Because of their position if their “leader” (liberals) don’t like it that is fine because if it is banned it doesn’t effect them. Those of you that say you don’t want to hear about politics are basically taking the same stance. You are not protecting your rights but more importantly you are not protecting the rights of your children and everyone else’s children. 

  My point is having a head in the sand mentality is no different then the leftist sheep that vote against all that we stand for.  They don’t care so they follow the leader. You don’t want to have to think about it so when an election comes around they win. When enough of them win (and we are way to close) everything you stand for could and likely will be seriously impacted. If your saying that’ll never happen in your lifetime you may or may not be right. But, it can and will likely happen for your children, is that what you want? I hope that these few words will open some eyes on this matter. I don’t care what you hunt or how you hunt it we must all stand together. Our inner bickering must subside as it only drives a wedge between us. How many pointless arguments do you see on social media? It seems like almost every post has some or many that feel they must have an ego contest with whoever posted a picture or statement. Why do you do this? Who are you to assume that you are better then anyone? How hard is it to just be positive and encouraging? It might be a good idea to pull your heads out of the sand and help protect your rights and those of the rest of us. It would also be great of you’d stop making illogical and unnecessary comments towards other hunters. The fight isn’t yet lost, but it is far too close for any of us.