Recently I have written several blog about the fighting among hunters. It is such a profoundly important topic that I feel compelled to opine on it once again. When we fight amongst ourselves we serve only to weaken ourselves as a group and strengthen the opposition. It is truly the thought of a fool to think that the other side isn’t constantly brainwashing the uneducated to build an army against what we love. We have to stick together. I would like to discuss the different areas of which these arguments transpire. It is my sincere hope that at least some will read this and see that there is no positive in inner bickering.

Outfitters vs DIY pop up in my social media feeds very often. It seems that there are people that despise outfitters. Conversely there are outfitters that equally despise the DIY hunter. It always starts very innocently when someone will post perhaps a picture of a buck that they have taken. Eventually someone will as where it was taken and when that is mention the barrage of negative comments and rebuttals take off like wildfire. What is so wrong about a person hiring an expert to take them hunting? Why is this person considered sub human for wanting to take advantage of his success and enjoy a time outdoors? In my opinion this hunter isn’t any less a woodsman then the DIY person. Furthermore the animal he takes isn’t any less worthy of congratulatory responses or positive feedback. On the other side of this coin is the hunter that hunts public land. It is a rare day that you hear a public land hunter tell you that he killed a deer or turkey without adding the age oldcatch phrase. They will say, while showing you a picture,” I killed this buck, ON PUBLIC LAND.” Does this mean that we should all hire a brass band and make them play Hail to the Chief? Should we immediately drop to our knees and give thanks for being in their presence?  No, it doesn’t mean such thing. It simply means they killed a deer and I am happy for them. I am equally as happy for the guy that did it with an outfitter. This constant argument and ego contest serves only to divide a community that is much better united.

Hound hunters vs Anti-dog crowd make for some horrible bickering in this industry. Again I must ask why we must constantly find ways to belittle one another. I recently saw a thread where some little boy shot a buck in front of his grandfather’s dogs. There were grown men talking down to a ten year old kid who was proud of his buck. Their comments ranged from why would you take such a young deer to it doesn’t count with dogs. The audacity it must take to say such nonsense to a child blow my mind. It literally made me so angry I wanted to crawl through my computer screen and choke the men belittling this little guy. First of all, he wasn’t hunting on your property or state. Secondly he is a kid and he is hunting which means he most likely wasn’t participating in a school walk out. Third, it is none of your damn business what he kills, when he killed it, or where he killed it. He was happy and he shared a moment with his grandfather that both will remember for all of the days of their lives. Far be it from anyone to reprimand, belittle, or speak negatively to this young man. I have to ask; do people do this just to make themselves feel better? There has to be some sort of psychological defect going on for someone to behave in such a way. Once again, stick together and mind your own business. If you haven’t a positive and good thing to say, SHUT UP. On the rare occasions that you do see something worthy of debate, do so privately with the individual, there is no need in making it public. When you make it a public outcry you look like the damn fool you are. STOP!

When did women become unable to hunt? Yet another recent topic I read where people said that men needed to accompany them. I private messaged this guy and he did delete his post but it was there for a few minutes. My wife is as good of a hunter as most everyone I know.  When she and I first met her hunting knowledge was minimal at best but she learned quickly. There are thousands of female hunters out there that are more then capable of getting whatever it is that they are after. But, that isn’t my point. My point is that they have exactly the same right as men do to be outside enjoying the outdoors. It takes a sincerely dull individual to say otherwise.

The entire point to all of these examples is that we don’t need to be self-centered opinionated jackasses. There is a huge population out there that does not understand what we love and they are being led to believe that we are horrible people. While we are sitting here taking unnecessary jabs at our fellow hunters the other side is getting more and more organized. They are also growing far more rabidly in numbers then we are. In short, stop this truly remarkable insanity and realize that regardless of what or how you hunt you still belong to the same side. No one pays any attention to a bee flying around buzzing, but let the swarm show and you’d think it was an apocalypse. Moral of the story, there is strength in numbers.