This year we are honored to be nominated in three categories for the Outdoors Television awards and we need your votes. The categories we are nominated for are, Best Big Game, Best Whitetail, and Best Waterfowl.

We were nominated for best big game with Stephanie’s elk hunt. In this video, you will see an elk get called into less then ten yards from Stephanie. She is at full draw for over a minute and the camera closes in tight on the elk. The bull stares at the camera with water dripping from his lips. The bull’s vitals are one foot from being in the clear and he never steps out into the open for a shot. He slowly walks away and never gives Stephanie a shot. It is hands down the best encounter that I have ever seen. This same footage won second place in the Badlands Film Festival.

For best whitetail our nomination is for Dustin’s Kansas hunt. Dustin makes a great shot with his bow on a big whitetail and it walks over and lays down in view. Just as it lies down another buck that Dustin has pictures of walks up to it and attacks the fatally wounded buck. The attack was so strong he literally rolls Dustin’s buck into a creek. Then, the buck Dustin named Rambo walks by the camera with blood on his antlers. This is truly an epic encounter.

For the waterfowl, we had two cameras rolling on an epic duck hunt in Nebraska. The footage is truly remarkable on this hunt with tons of slow motion shots of beautiful waterfowl. You will see my labs, Mick and Molly, doing what they love to do most, and the scenery is remarkable. We are extremely proud of our cameramen for doing such a great job on this hunt. We can’t say who will win this award, but we can say that no one had a better hunt then we did. It was truly remarkable.

It is nothing short of an honor to be nominated among the many talented people out there. Our blessings are beyond infinity as we travel this country getting to do what we love to do. We hope that you will take a moment to watch these clips as well as the others nominated and vote for who you think is best. Good luck to all.