( Dan Braman – Host / Athlete )
As someone that takes many people hunting year after year I am put in a position to hear a lot of opinions on calibers. In the recent years the most talked about caliber that I have heard about is the 6.5 Creedmoor. I must say that whatever the companies involved with the caliber did to market it were brilliant. Never in all of my years of professional hunting have I seen a single caliber develop such a loyal and profound following. This past season I found out there are even Internet forums dedicated to this specific caliber. Most of the hunters that I have taken that use this caliber are confident to bordering arrogant about the ability of this round.  I find this to be nothing more then an opinion of the firearm owner and nothing more. There are any number of calibers on the market that can easily compare to the 6.5 Creedmoor. For example, I prefer the .257wby over the aforementioned caliber. I would argue that the .270wby has equal ability in the hands of the right user. Arguably the old .264 can handle things equally as well.  The list of examples goes on and on. My point is that it is nothing more then an opinion. Ballistics is based on optimum conditions, which rarely ever exist. Real life hunting scenarios are most always nothing like a four point rest on a bench while shooting at a piece of paper that is stapled perfectly still.

I have asked some of my hunter why they feel so much more confident in this caliber vs my .257wby. I’ve heard a host of various and sundry reasons as to why their rifle is better, but none of their reasons hold water. They say that it shoots flatter, has more ability at great distance, its faster, and it has less recoil. I counter these reasons with the fact that there is nothing they can do with their Creedmoor that I can’t do with my Weatherby. Or, perhaps there is nothing they can do with their Creedmoor that any person can do with there make, model, and caliber of choice.

I simply think this arrogance about a single caliber is preposterous, albeit I have nothing against any of them. Whatever it is that any hunter uses should be completely up to them. If they can accurately and humanly get the job done then their firearm is perfect. The kind of car one drives doesn’t make the man, nor does the kind of rifle he/she uses. The 6.5 Creedmoor in without question a great caliber, but not so great that it warrants the user running other calibers down.