“Come hunt with us, you won’t find a better place to hunt anywhere.  We have 170” bucks running around everywhere and a few more even bigger then that. Our operation is top of the line and tens of thousands of private acres that only we can hunt.”

That’s the cookie cutter thing you’ll hear or read when you are looking for a place to get a big whitetail buck. Sadly, I would venture to say that less then 10% of them actual give a hunter an honest chance at getting a buck of a lifetime. Far too many outfitters worry more about making money then they worry about their clients actually having a decent chance at getting a buck. Because of this worry about money they usually over hunt the properties they do have significantly. Aside from over hunting many of them outright lie about the acreage they have and rarely ever adequately scout to give a hunter a chance.

I am not in the business of bad-mouthing people and that isn’t what this blog is about; I write this in hopes that educate hunters into scrupulously researching any outfitter they wish to hunt with. An example of this is a place that I hunted several years ago. There were four of us hunting with this company in a state that is well known for giants. On the first night, as we had dinner, Dustin Mueller and I started to realize that we had been lied to. The number of people in the lodge was absolutely staggering. After spending a little time talking to some other people, we quickly realized that they took more then 450 hunters each season. So much for low pressure. To make things worse, a guy that we were eating with had won a hunt with this company where he could hunt for an extended period of time. This poor hunter told us that he had been hunting for ten days and had seen two doe in all of that time. To make a long story short, four of us hunters for six days and never saw anything that we would consider shooting. At one point, Stephanie was hunting a field and was two hundred yards from another rifle hunter. This is and of itself is preposterous for safety factors alone.

There are literally thousands of people that spend their hard-earned money each year trying to get a buck or a buck of a lifetime. The success opportunity ratios have to be 1 in 1500 or worse. With that being said, I hope that you do some serious due diligence before your next trip. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Never ever believe anything that you see on social media. Social media alone in today’s time sells more hunts then anything else. Keep in mind that the buck they put on social media may have had 100 hunters after him or been taken by a neighbor well before you get there. There is a chance the picture you looked at was simply high jacked off of the Internet.  The only way that you can know for sure about an outfitter is to know someone that has been with them before. This is where social media comes into a positive light. With a little time spent, we can usually use a social media page to find a friend of a friend of a friend to give us the low down on a company’s reputation.

Lastly, I don’t write this to stab the good companies in the back. On the contrary, I say thank you to those companies. However, to the companies that have burned us over the years it is a shame that you choose the take people’s money the way you do.  If anyone reading this is in doubt about a hunting company you are calling feel free to ask us; we may not know about the person you are calling but we will know someone that does business right.