We are often asked, why did you start doing a hunting show? Originally, we started doing the show because frankly, we didn’t like what we saw on television. Most of what we saw was fake and produced in a way that we thought had room for much improvement. Once we began, we started getting feedback from our viewers and our motive quickly changed. I never thought about anyone watching the show, all I wanted to do was make something real. As the compliments started coming in as well as suggestions we realized that the driving force behind us doing TV was our viewer. We are all humbled beyond explanation that people enjoy what we create. The interaction with fans at the trade shows, the questions from clients at Mellon Creek Outfitters, and the random waves as we travel the highways are unforgettable. We hope and pray that we can continue to put real and entertaining hunts in front of our viewers for years to come.  It is you, our viewers that give us the incentive to move forward.

Thank you!