The hunting season is just beginning with Stephanie having completed a bear hunt and currently with the female LEO and Veterans hunting antelope. We are extremely busy from now until after the first of the years with hunts for WildLifers as well as Mellon Creek Outfitters.

Soon, Stephanie and Lacey Mueller will be hunting elk in New Mexico. This hunt will be on the ranch that we hunt every year and always take huge bulls. It is a giant private ranch that we are fortunate to be the only hunters on the property. The elk population on this ranch is good but they are hard to find at times. There seem to be more bulls then cows, which is odd, but I am certainly not complaining. This elk hunt will be a first for Lacey Mueller and with her excitement level it will be epic for sure. Lacey almost passes out when a whitetail come walking by so when a bull elk comes screaming in it will be something to see (Lacey not the elk). After this hunt, we have two more elk tags in New Mexico on another piece of property. One of these hunts will be Dustin Mueller hunting elk with his bow. Dustin attempted an archery elk hunt a few years ago but unfortunately didn’t connect when he shot. He has taken a huge bull with a rifle but if successful, this will be his first with a bow. He will be hunting a piece of property that is notorious for big bulls and sometimes non-typical bulls. Our fourth and final elk tag is on an area with huge number of elk and big bulls. We do not currently know who will hunt this bull but suffice it to say that it will be a great hunt.

For whitetail, our season couldn’t be busier. As always, we have a ton of hunters coming to Mellon Creek Outfitters for us to guide. We always look forward to hunting with old friends and meeting new clients. The trail camera pictures coming from the ranch are absolutely amazing. Never before have we seen such a jump in antler growth. Obviously, the management plan we put into motion is working wonderfully. Mixed in with the Mellon Creek Outfitter hunts are several exciting whitetail hunts for WildLifers. This year we are hunting Missouri and Ohio. Not sure what to think about either place just yet because we have never hunted with either of the companies we booked with. They answered all of the questions correctly and we feel good about our chances. The hunters for these hunts will be Hagen Watkins, Dustin Mueller, and myself. Maybe with luck, I will not be scared stiff from heights and actually hit something this year. Of course, we will be returning to our lease in Kansas to pursue the giants that live there. Last year, Hagen killed an absolute monster and Dustin likewise took a great buck.  I had a perfect opportunity at a giant and blew it. I missed him at seventeen yards broadside. There is no excuse for this colossal bad shot aside from my fear of heights. Hopefully, this year I can overcome this craziness and shoot a little straighter.

We have duck hunts across the nation as well as in Texas. We will, as always, be guiding duck hunters as well. Waterfowl hunting is truly my second favorite hunting right behind bobcats with my hounds. There is just something about decoying ducks that really excite me. We will be hunting with a new outfitter in Tennessee that we are excited about. Also, we will return to Oklahoma and hunt with Goose Reapers Guided Outdoors. These guys are simply the best and I cannot see us not returning each year. Last season, we limited out every morning and the two guides were great to be around. Grant Gardner and Cade Gordon were our guides last season and I have never hunted with two men that try so hard. They have every aspect needed to be remarkable guides. We will be hunting ducks in Kansas and north Texas as well. I can’t wait to get my retrievers, Molly and Mick back in the water.

This year Dustin and Stephanie will be hunting the giant black bear of North Carolina. We’ve hunted a lot of black bear but never the giants that roam in this area. Stephanie will be hunting with dogs and Dustin’s hunt will be spot and stalk. I am excited to see just how big the bear they get will be.

We are busy but wouldn’t have it any other way. Few people on this earth get to complain about hunting too much. That is a problem I truly enjoy having.