We are excited that WildLifers season 2 is almost here. Season 2 begins June 26th at 4:30PM  on Sportsman Channel. You can also see the Wildlifers on Tuesdays at 7:00PM and Saturdays at 12:30PM. The coning season is going to be a great one packed with truly remarkable hunts. Huge mule deer and elk will be there. Dustin Mueller and Hagan Watkins take their first elk and both of these bulls are huge. We travel to Colorado to help a rancher out with a prairie dog problem and while we are there Hagen Watkins does something he’ll never ever forget. Once again Stephanie does the all girl pronghorn hunt in New Mexico and this turned out to be another exciting hunt. Stephanie added a different twist to who got to join this year, making it all that much more special. Kansas produces some hair raising whitetail action for all of the WildLifers, its crazy how much time they spent hunting. Dan actually killed his first ever archery buck after 30 plus days of waiting. We again do a Purple Heart recipient hunt with Support U. S. Armed Forces for some great veterans.  Each episode is something all of the WildLifers are proud of, as always it is presented to you as it happens. There are no small deer, no small elk, no fake camera angles, and no unrealistic happenings.  We are blessed to do what we love and bring to you, the viewers. It is our hope that you enjoy each episode that you see and as always we love your feed back.