As an outfitter in a state that it is legal to use corn and protein, I cannot imagine the amount of money that has been wasted due to hogs, turkeys, and raccoons stealing feed. It is remarkable just how much corn a half dozen raccoons can consume in just one night. It is also just as remarkable how proficient these little bandits are at getting passed all of the things we’ve tried to keep them from being able to eat. We have greased the legs of the feeders, lined the feeder pegs with barbed wire, and many other failed attempts at keeping them out.  Most of us finally just decided that there was nothing we could do about the raccoons; they had basically won the fight. Where the hogs were concerned we easily fixed this problem. We just placed panels around the feeder and the hogs couldn’t get in. At first we were pleased with our ingenious plan. Then, we realized that those panels also dissuaded many of the deer from eating the feed we put out for them.  Again, we accepted defeat as our trail cameras showed a lot of deer eating feed but also some that refused to go inside the panels. Obviously the turkeys were stealing feed and panels did nothing. 

Fast forward to 2018 when Stephanie attended the Dallas Safari Club banquet in Dallas, Texas. I wasn’t able to attend but received a call from Stephanie and within the first ten seconds of the call I could tell that she was super excited about something. She told me that she had just visited with some people that invented a feeder that solved all of the problems aforementioned. I really didn’t understand the concept until she came home and explained it to me. Within a month or so, WiseEye Feeders was at the ranch setting up one of these awesome products in front of our CarbonTV Live Camera. 

This feeder was developed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana primarily as a way to attempt to control the feral hog population. This feeder had the ability to recognize what species of animal was standing in front of it and then either open the doors or leave them closed. The main concern primarily was bear. They did not want this feeder to open and feed non-target animals poison. Through brilliant concepts, innovative design, trial and error, they accomplished something that incorporates cutting edge technology and hunting. Since the inception, WiseEye has transformed itself into a tool that can be used by anyone where feeders are legal. Like all feeders it is a basic drum of which feed is poured in and gravity takes care of the rest. However, it also has four cameras, a computer, battery, and solar panel. To simplify this process, lets say that you have a feeder and you only want deer to have access to that feed. This is programmed through your smart phone or iPad wirelessly. Basically you are tell your feeder, ‘Ok look, I want you to feed deer as much as they want to eat. But, when hogs, raccoons, turkeys, or anything thing but a deer comes here I do not want them to have access to the feed’. Once this is programmed, the doors to the feed close and will not open unless one of the four cameras sees a deer. Playing the devil’s advocate, I stated to them that this is all fine but a hog will knock that feeder over in a second to get to the corn. Furthermore, I stated that there isn’t anything a raccoon can’t figure out how to open or chew a hole through. Chewing a hole through the feeder was pretty much not an option as it is all-metal, but, I stated, they’ll still figure out a way in. As I sat there gloating in my brilliance, I was quickly put back in my place as they stated they had figured that out as well. When the cameras recognize a non-target animal two things happen. First, the doors close. Secondly, the feeder charges itself with 10,000 volts of electricity giving whatever touches it a serious sting. Even better, with it being just volts the animals won’t be harmed. They are simply shocked causing them to not want anything to do with that feeder. It was at the end of this explanation that I knew that these people had built the end to all of our problems where feed thievery is concerned. 

WildLifers TV is proud to have partnered with such a cutting edge device and we are certain that it will only improve. The people that are associated with the WiseEye company are really great folks. You will not meet a group of more nice and genuine people. If you are like me and skeptical of all things, have a look at our live cam. Watch this feeder in action. We have that feeder placed where there is every animal native to south Texas around it. WiseEye cold stopped the corn bandits and hogs from doing what they do. 


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