WildLifers television series featuring real outdoor people and real outdoor experiences. Dan, Stephanie Braman and Dustin Mueller home base is Mellon Creek Outfitters in South Texas. These different personalities traveling the world in pursuit of one common goal: to experiencing the best in hunting and outdoor adventures. You will enjoy the drama and the time spent with everyone involved in the series, WildLifers. Why? Because these hosts live purposed, integrity driven lives innately wired for relentless outdoor pursuits, political beliefs, honest hunting, and wild lifestyles. From the woods to the water, and every location in between, there are no excuses and no second chances on this unapologetic journey. From home base at Mellon Creek Ranch, a sprawling 100,000+ acre working cattle and hunting ranch in Refugio, Texas, to the furthest reaches of the planet, hosts Dan and Stephanie Braman, along with Dustin Mueller, team up to bring you the next generation of hunting television – no fluff, just tough… and teetering on the edge of insanity.


At SHOT Show last year, Stephanie attended the Executive Management Seminar where Greg Stube was the keynote speaker. After listening to Greg speak and having a chance to meet him, Stephanie realized that his statements and views completely aligned with what we think are important.  His goals, views, and pathways to success don’t just apply to the outdoor industry but life in general. Stephanie was so impressed with Greg that she invited him on a Mule Deer hunt. This hunt was filmed but not like any ordinary hunting show. We filmed this hunt to tell a much more important and compelling story. This is more about whom we are and how important it is that we all pull our own weight across the board. Our outdoor lifestyle is just one of many things being threatened by much of society. We think this film dives a bit deeper into how we can improve everything and why we should. 

“That was awesome! So much truth behind the message. Not to mention the cinematography was incredible!”

“That was excellent. Well produced and great message! Keep up the great work!”

The Heart of Hunting

“Great work WILDLIFERS! A message everyone needs to hear and support!”

Jeremy Patterson

That was excellent. Well produced and great message! Keep up the great work!

The Heart of Hunting

Magnificent film. Congrats to my friend Greg Stube.

Marty Wolff

Excellent film and message!

Brian Lasley

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An exclusive series brought to you by the WILDLIFERS - Join Dan Braman, Stephanie Braman, and Dustin Mueller as they travel around the world to experience the best hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventures that it has to offer. Based out of Mellon Creek Outfitters in South Texas, a sprawling 100,000+ acre working cattle and hunting ranch, the WILDLIFERS bring three highly dedicated hosts that bring you real outdoor experiences from real outdoor people.

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