It isn’t hard to do a simple Google search of whitetail deer hunting and find so many options one can’t decide on where to go.  It has become extremely hard for legitimate hunting businesses to effectively market their company. This brings me to the question, why Mellon Creek Outfitters?

Anyone can sit and write a novel about their hunting company to make it sound like the best place on earth.  In fact, that is the biggest problem in hunting today, most people do in fact write a novel but it is fiction. At Mellon Creek we can boats that we are big, we are free range, we have 100% success on all species, and our accommodations are wonderful.  Albeit, this is all true they are still simply words. What does matter is that our staff hunts 300 days a year and they love it.  Our clientele is 90% repeat. We wholeheartedly ask that any person considering us ask us for a list of past clients and that they call them. We won’t provide you with a hand picked list of references, we will provide you with our Christmas card list. In other words call them all and if you find a negative comment at all don’t book with us. Mellon Creek Outfitters doesn’t stand on words typed, it stands on production and perfection.

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